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Kids, Parents & Schools love our weighted lap pads, weighted blankets, poly pellets and essential oils!

" Beautiful lap pad! My son loves it and finished his homework in 1/3 (yes that's right, 1 hour instead of three) of the time. We are thrilled and will be ordering again for school! Thank you thank you! "

"It is a great weighted lap pad. My students love it."

" Durable, cute and comfy! My little guy just loves it. I'm going to get another that he can take to school." 

"This is an excellent Sensory Lap Pad. My son LOVES it! It truly helps him with sleeping through the night. I know it is only a lap pad, but we drape it over him and truly helps."

Fabulous, hubby loves it!! "

"My 8 year old son loves it. He is neither autistic nor does he have ADHD, but he does have some anxiety and focus issues. He goes to sleep with it over his chest, and he's been going to sleep very quickly with no waking up. He also places it in his lap when he's playing. He said it makes him fee better, so I'm a fan! I may look into getting him a weighted blanket in the future. Thank you!"

"Very quick delivery time! We have a weighted blanket and it has helped tremendously, so we decided to get him a weighted lap pad for school! My son has a sensory disorder and is hyperactive. His teacher has noticed a huge improvement in his ability to sit still while using this during "mat time" in school. The quality is great. He loves the minions fabric and soft underside."

" The autism class really benefits from these lap pads."

" Very nice my daughter loves the blanket well made would and have recommended."

 " Bought this for my son who has sensory issues and he loved it. It weighs 5 lbs. It doesn't cover his feet just his legs. So glad I bought it. "

" Very well made product. Works perfectly for my son, it helps him get centered and sit during circle time at pre-school. Prior to having the lap pad he had gone for months without being able to sit through circle time. Shipping was fast and the product is exactly as pictured. I highly recommend this product and seller."