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My child has sensory issues, does it mean they are autistic?

While Autism is often comorbid with Sensory Processing Disorders, the reverse is not always true. Does your child hates wearing socks, only eats green apples or likes spinning in circles? These peculiar behaviors do not mean they are on the autism spectrum. Sensory Deficits can be seen with hypersensitive behaviors (overly active) or hyposensitive (under active) behaviors.  Here's a break down of various Sensory Processing Disorders, characteristics and strategies to try.  Sensory Modulation Disorder:  Difficulty discriminating sensory input resulting in negative responses or avoidance. Characteristics: overly sensitive to sounds, dislikes nail/hair cutting, seams in socks is bothersome, easily distracted, difficultly falling/staying asleep,...

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How to use a weighted lap pad at school

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School can be a very stressful, loud and unpredictable place for kids that have difficulty processing stimuli. As parents it's scary sending our child to school, especially if they don't have a positive view of going! Believe it or not, something as simple as a weighted lap pad can help. Let me explain why and how you can use it.  Why a Weighted Lap Pad Can Help: The weight from a weighted lap pad or blanket helps to regulate the proprioceptive system. The proprioceptive system is located in our muscles and joints. It provides us with a sense of body awareness...

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Why are weighted blankets so expensive?

A weighted blanket can be a investment, but if you choose wisely it can be a life changer for someone with anxiety and sleep issues.  Not all weighted blankets are made the equally and yes some are very overpriced! Let me break down the cost of a weighted blanket: Filling: the top two most common choices are polypropylene (plastic) and glass. Unless you have a wholesaler or traveling to China anytime soon, this is by far the most expensive part of a weighted blanket.  Fabric: I always recommend getting a quality fabric...I mean your spending the time and money on the blanket...

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Are weighted blankets good for college students?

Weighted blankets are beneficial to a number of people with varying ages and stages in life. When I think about stressful situations, going away to college has got to rank pretty high! A weighted blanket helps to release serotonin, which is the hormone that gives you "good feelings". Some of that serotonin is transferred into melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you to relax and slow down.  Do you have a relative that is moving away or starting college? This may be the best gift you can give...a comforting hug from home ;)

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Will weighted blankets make me hot?

anxiety are weighted blankets hot? DIY weighted blanket weighted blankets weighted blankets for adults

I know it seems like a silly question but I do get asked... "Are weighted blankets hot?" Well, it is a blanket so there is that to consider! Our blankets are made from cotton which is a more breathable fabric than say flannel. The thickness would be comparable to a thin quilt, rather than a comforter.  So, yes weighted blankets may seem like a strange purchase in the summer time or in tropical climates but if you like the feeling of a blanket covering you its really not that hot. We have a fabulous return policy: If you are not 100%...

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