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Newly Designed Weighted Lap Pads

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Hard to believe we have been making weighted blankets and lap pads for kids with sensory needs since 2013. I wish we still had some pictures of the original prototypes I made; lets just say we have come a long way!

We are always looking to improve an already loved product and we take suggestions from our client seriously. With that being said, we have come out with a new design for our weighted lap pads. 

The dimensions our 3 and 5 lbs lap pads are still the same (18 x 21") but they now have 12 pockets of weights versus 6. This helps to evenly distribute the weight across the entire lap pad. 

The biggest change for our 7 lbs lap pad is a larger size (22 x 24") and it too has 12 pockets of weights. 

So far the feedback has been great! Join our mailing list for discounts and special offers.

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