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ReachTherapy Solutions

Lavender Essential Oil | 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade | 10 ml Roll On

$ 9.49

ReachTherapy Solutions Lavender Essential Oil smells amazing; the rich floral scent has mellow cedar wood undertones our clients ( parents, teachers & therapists ) find calming for their kids, clients and students. Relaxed kids tend to have better sleep habits, classroom and therapy outcomes. We use this lavender oil nightly in our own home. The roll on applicator makes it easy to apply a dab to a weighted blanket or lap pad before bed or school. 

If you're new to essential oils, Lavender Oil has been used for centuries. It's well know and widely in use for it's calming effects. Research detailing how and why Lavender Oil works to calm and improve mood is ongoing. Some studies validating these effects are available here. And while much of the Lavender Oil on the market is synthetically compounded, ReachTherapy Solutions Lavender Oil  is 100% natural and purchased directly from the distillation facility to insure it's quality and integrity.

Disclaimer: Lavender oil should not be applied directly to the skin by anyone with known allergies or women who are pregnant / breastfeeding. Essential oils are not a cure for ASD but may help with symptoms for some people. Be sure to check in with your doctor before using essential oils.




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