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ReachTherapy Solutions

ReachTherapy Solutions Poly Pellets for Crafts | Weighted Stuffing Beads for Sewing Weighted Blankets Lap Pads Dolls Toys Cornhole Shooting Bags

$ 24.99

⚖ Choose 20 12 or 10 lbs of durable, round, odorless, heavy ( 7.1 oz per cup) Poly Pellets For Crafts

👍 An Ideal Weighted Stuffing Fill For Sewing & Crafting Weighted Blankets Lap Pads Toys Dolls Shooting Bags & More

✔ Washer and Dryer Safe | No Mold Mildew Insects or Rodents | Not For Use In Heated Applications

💪 Durable & Re-usable Packaging | Double Bagged, Resealable Heavy Duty Outer Bag, No Leaks or Spills

💯 Satisfaction Guaranteed - If our pellets aren't perfect for your project, return them for a no-hassle refund from ReachTherapy Solutions.

ReachTherapy Solutions))) Poly Pellets For Crafts are ideal for crafting Weighted Blankets, Weighted Lap Pads, Toys, Cornhole Shooting Bags, Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Draft Stoppers and more. They're dense & heavy to quickly add weight without adding too many pellets, for a soft finished blanket with a comfortable fit. Our Poly Pellets For Crafts are made from non-toxic 100% virgin polypropylene which is extremely durable, won't rot or attract rodents or insects like corn or rice. It's washer / dryer, pet and kid safe and money back guaranteed.

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