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Weighted Lap Pads For Kids | Lap Sensory Blankets For Children | 3 lbs The Work Crew

$ 29.99

πŸŽ„ Ships Next Business Day - Typically Arrives Within 3 to 5 Days From Phoenix, AZ
❀" Very well made product. Works perfectly for my son, it helps him get centered and sit during school"
πŸ’€ Provides calming weighted pressure and multiple interesting textures for Sensory Seekers, Autism, Anxiety, Fidgets & Wiggles – They’re portable for school, meals, travel, movies or naps
πŸ’ͺ Durable Double Stitched Design - Safe To Machine Wash & Dry - Measures 21" x 18" & 3 lbs - Machine wash & dry - Designed for kids from 19 to 40 lbs to wear across the lap, shoulders, back or stomach - Not recommended for infants and children under 19 lbs
πŸ—½ Made in The USA by Speech Therapists in Phoenix, AZ since 2013
πŸ‘ Money Back Guaranteed - If you're not happy with your Weighted Sensory Lap Pad, return it for a no hassle refund from ReachTherapy Solutions

The Work Crew Weighted Sensory Lap Pad is perfect for situations were a full sized weighted blanket is too bulky like school, work, meals, movies or travel. Each measures 21" x 18" and is weighted 3 lbs with our Glass Microbeads For Weighted Blankets. All of our Weighted Lap Blankets are made in the USA, double stitched for durability, safe to machine wash and money back guaranteed.
Wash and Dry Instructions: Machine wash in cold water, on gentle cycle, hang or tumble dry on low heat / gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softener as it will ruin the soft minky material.

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