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How to make a washable weighted blanket for kids

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When we started making weighted blankets we noticed that they were pretty cumbersome to wash. The weight alone was enough to break the washer and dry cleaners wouldn't even try to launder them. This led us to believe there has to be more functional solution! 

I designed the duvet style weighted blankets with families in mind. Two things that make our blankets unique: 1) the duvet cover is so easy to wash! and 2) you are not committed to one print or color. (Surely your child will outgrow the dinosaur print and want something more sophisticated) !

The following is an in depth look with how to make your own weighted blanket and duvet. The dimensions are for a 45" x 65" blanket. 

Weighted Insert Instructions:

          • You will need a heavy cotton or muslin cut to 49" x 69". Cut two pieces and lay on top of each other.
          • Use a pencil and ruler to make horizontal lines 5" apart across 1 sheet of fabric. Use a 2" seam allowance before making your first mark. 
          • After making horizontal lines, do the same but make vertical lines 5" apart, leaving a 2" seam allowance. This will leave you with a grid on the fabric. You will have a total of 117 squares.
          • Pin the 2 fabric pieces together and weigh your fabric (this should be included in the total weight of the blanket)
          • Stitch all the horizontal lines. Start by sewing the middle most line first and working your way outward. 
          • Next, stitch the vertical lines, leaving a 2 inch gap between squares. This is where your beads will pass through to fill up each chamber (square), after you have filled the row with beads you will stitch up the opening. I'll go into more detail in a bit....
          • Time for the poly pellets and deciding how much goes into each row. Divide the total ounces of pellets you have, by the number of pockets you have, then use a kitchen scale to divide the pellets. Remember that 16 US oz. + 1 lb
          • Fill the first row with your beads, making sure all have passed through to the purposed chamber. Then sew on the marked line to close the row of pockets. I have had far fewer broken needles by sewing the pockets this way.
          • Weigh your blanket after each row to be sure you are staying under your target weight. A heavy duty digital scale is accurate and has a large surface area to hold the blanket.
          • After all the rows are filled,  fold all sides inward to created a finished hem. Double stitch entire blanket.
          • On each corner and middle sides sew a fabric tie. These will be tied inside the duvet to help hold the weight in place. 
        • On the top of the weighted insert, make 4 button holes. This is additional security to keep blanket from shifting.
        • DUVET COVER:  This is by far the easiest part of the entire project! You don't have to deal with any poly pellets :)
        • Cut your fabric 49" x 69"
        • Lay the right sides facing each other and add your fabric ties to each corner and 2 along the sides. These will attach to the fabric ties on the weighted insert. Stitch a 1 3/4 " seam around the two sides and the bottom.
        • The top portion of the duvet will also be hemmed but do not hem the two pieces of fabric together. This will be the opening for the weighted blanket.
        • Lastly, add 4 buttons to the top portion of the blanket. Be sure to line the buttons with the holes you made on the weighted insert. 

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