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How to wash a weighted blanket

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Our weighted blankets were designed for multiple washings! The removable cover is less stress on your washing machine and makes clean ups no big deal ;)  The weighted insert is securely fastened to the removable cover with 6 ties and 4 button closures. These help in keeping the weight evenly distributed.  To wash your weighted blanket, simply unbutton the top buttons and release the fabric ties located at the top, bottom and sides of the blanket.  Both insert and cover can be machine washed in cold water, on gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softener as it will ruin the soft minky...

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How to Help an Anxious Child

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Anxiety may be triggered at different times throughout your child's life, peaking during puberty. In addition to everyday anxieties, sleep is an issue for many children suffering from anxiety. Two things that I have seen work with my own child and clients are: weighted sensory blankets melatonin Both are very simple options that offer a restful nights sleep, which in turns helps them to better manage anxiety the following day.  Anxiety disorders are generally treated with psychotherapy, medication, or both. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy or “talk therapy” can help people with anxiety disorders. To be effective, psychotherapy must be directed at the...

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Does your child suffer from a Social Anxiety Disorder?

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There are many labels for what we deem as "different" in our society. In my opinion, Autism is the most overused. I can't tell you how many people assume a child is Autistic because they are anxious or tune out around crowds. So how do you know when to be alarmed and when to let it ride out? People with social anxiety disorder (sometimes called “social phobia”) have a marked fear of social or performance situations in which they expect to feel embarrassed, judged, rejected, or fearful of offending others. Social anxiety disorder symptoms include: Feeling highly anxious about being...

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