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Signs of Autism in Your Child

Autism sensory blanket weighted blankets

Having a child is one of the most terrifyingly rewarding experiences. Even when all goes well, there is the unknown of the next day, week and year. How do you know you are making the right choices for your child? Is your child is developing normally? Happy?
And then there is parental instinct. That voice or feeling that tells you something is not right.
After a recent trip to visit family on the East coast, topics of my business came up. Questions about autism in particular. A common thread of the conversations was autism. What qualifications does a child have in order to be given the label “autistic”?

Here are the core features of ASD:

  • impairments in social communication, language, and related cognitive skills
  • behavioral and emotional regulation 
  • restricted, repetitive behaviors
  • sensory and feeding issues can also be present.
To read more about autism and a detailed compilation of the signs visit:

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