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Weighted blankets for teens

anxiety calming restless sleepless weighted blankets

My family loves traveling. For the most part they are near perfection with long car rides, impromptu hikes, sleeping on the floor and trying new foods. As our summer comes to a close, I reflect back on one common thread to our trips….no one wants to sleep near Wyatt. Including his mother.
Dolan and I took Wyatt on a trip of his choice (as we do with each child annually). He chose Florida, with a little nudge from me;) . The time change really threw me off. Most of the vacation I didn’t go to sleep until 2:00AM. One night both Wyatt and I were awake and I commented on how NOT tired I was. He said, “This is how it is for me every night”. I felt so bad for him. Most days I look forward to jumping in bed and falling right to sleep.
A few weeks later we took the entire family to Disneyland and then up the coast. Sleeping quarters were close and required the children to share beds. Wyatt and Savanna shared the first night. She woke up the next morning with bags under her eyes and on the verge of tears. She reported a night of tossing a turning, continual shuffling of feet and throat clearing, compliments of her brother. I had been victim to this so I knew it was no joke. I also realized that maybe the lack of sleep was contributing to his sour attitude.
Since that time we started using Melatonin and a 15lb weighted blanket. He is able to fall asleep quicker with fewer wakings throughout the night. Research shows that weighted blanket may serve as a tool for deep pressure therapy, helping to release serotonin which is your body's natural chemical for relaxation.

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