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Are Glass Beads Good for Weighted Blankets?

Two major reason why I don't use glass beads for weighted blankets and weighted lap pads: Cost & Construction. While glass beads for weighted blankets have the benefit of being dense, they are very costly.  Glass beads tend to be 2-3x more expensive than Polypropylene pellets (poly pellets). Construction of a weighted blanket with glass beads can be a little tricky. Glass beads are similar to the consistency of sugar which means they may pass through some fabrics, as well as transfer between pockets in the blanket. Lining the fabric with a muslin/cotton and reinforcing the stitching is recommended.  Bottom...

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What Are the Best Pellets to Fill a Weighted Blanket With?

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There are a variety of fillings to choose from to use in a weighted blanket.  What is best and has the longest lasting effect? The most popular options are polypropylene (PP) pellets and glass beads.  Here are few things to consider when making your purchase: 1) Toxicity Seems like a big deal since its covering your body, right?! It's important to look for BPA-free, non-toxic polypropylene pellets. BPA exhibits toxic, endocrine, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects in living organisms...something you want to stay clear of. Consider using a virgin material to avoid toxicity. 2) Odor This can be common in recycled plastic due to the additives...

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Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

I get asked frequently why weighted blankets have a calming effect. The weighted blanket is a tool used in deep pressure therapy.  Generally I explained it as a warm hug. However I wanted to include the science behind it. After doing some research I found a great, simple explanation. Weighted blanket = Serotonin + Melatonin production What your body is missing when you feel anxious or restless is serotonin. When gentle pressure is applied to your body, it promotes serotonin production. Serotonin is neurotransmitter, that influences both directly and indirectly the majority of brain cells. It is commonly regarded as...

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Weighted blankets for teens

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My family loves traveling. For the most part they are near perfection with long car rides, impromptu hikes, sleeping on the floor and trying new foods. As our summer comes to a close, I reflect back on one common thread to our trips….no one wants to sleep near Wyatt. Including his mother.   Dolan and I took Wyatt on a trip of his choice (as we do with each child annually). He chose Florida, with a little nudge from me;) . The time change really threw me off. Most of the vacation I didn’t go to sleep until 2:00AM. One...

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Signs of Autism in Your Child

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Having a child is one of the most terrifyingly rewarding experiences. Even when all goes well, there is the unknown of the next day, week and year. How do you know you are making the right choices for your child? Is your child is developing normally? Happy? And then there is parental instinct. That voice or feeling that tells you something is not right. After a recent trip to visit family on the East coast, topics of my business came up. Questions about autism in particular. A common thread of the conversations was autism. What qualifications does a child have...

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